Australian designed and manufactured, MULITDECK is a major innovation in creating a faster, safer and economical system for delivery of materials by crane.

Mario Carrabs began working in the construction industry in 1987. Over the years of working on multi story buildings, Mario grew increasingly frustrated with the methods being used for handling of material on construction sites around Australia. The retractable platforms that were commonly used were both time and labour intensive, and added to the risks for physical injury to his co-workers. He felt that there needed to be a system that sped up the delivery of material, required less resources to complete the same tasks, and reduced physical injury to his colleagues.

This prompted him to create MULTIDECK – a specialised material handling platform for multi-story building construction.

Key features that were targeted during the design process were:


  • Larger platform to work on, giving the crane crew ample room to land or remove material
  • Access on to the multideck is nearly flush with the building floor, making ease of access for trolleys and reducing risks for runaway heavy loads
  • Minimal man power needed to install, load and unload material, reducing risks for physical injury and worker fatigue
  • Unique slab connection, reducing stress on the building under construction, lessening the requirements for additional support, enhancing building safety


  • Direct access to the work area and materials
  • Flush with flooring, negating need for additional ramps
  • Able to be stacked above each other, providing access to multiple levels
  • Choice of three sizes, making accessible to use in a variety of building designs

MULTIDECK = Economical

  • Pre-assembled, reducing man power requirement for getting platform ready to use
  • Larger landing area, allowing more material to be delivered to the floor, reducing the time needed for crane operation to deliver material
  • Accessibility to deck, reduces manpower and additional equipment needed to load and unload material from platform
  • Competitive pricing

MULTIDECK = Ease of use

  • Pre-assembled, arrives ready for installation
  • Hydraulic operation, able to be folded at the push of a button
  • Simple installation

MULTIDECK = Load capacity

  • Load capacity up to 6000kg

MULTIDECK is a specialised material handling platform, fully designed and manufactured in Australia.

Safe, effective, efficient and economical – MULTIDECK is the only choice for your project.

Safety and innovation on the leading edge

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